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Rayna You've probably never heard of Olmecha Supreme, but you sure as hell should. Musical genius with a full throttle dedication to hip hop, love and resistance. If you grab any album in my list, make it this one. Favorite track: marchingorders.


beats versions and instrumentals right off the hard drive and into cyber space. welcome back to beatworld.


released May 12, 2010



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olmecha supreme Wellington

Lead by Captain Imon Starr, Olmecha Supreme is outstandingly versatile. This is music. Rooted in traditional rhythms of Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Dub and "world music", traveling to the frontiers of slamming soundscapes, and riding the vehicle of hip hop hard lyric and improvisation, Olmecha has coined the phrase Afro futuristic roots music to give the uninitiated an idea as to what to expect. LISTEN! ... more

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Track Name: marchingorders
hold up!
wait a minute!

whats eating ya'll hope,
why you aint fighting no more?
cause you got what you want?
you got laid out on the floor!
got a planet full of problems
a bowl full of trouble
with the wicked on the move
we better move it on the double
bubbles pop
times change
time to flex
keep it going
through the stress
through the crunch
through the pain
through the knowing
that the other guys prolly training
twice as hard as you
la lucha continua
the struggle continues!

what's eating your strength
you've been fighting the wrong thing
you've been smashing up your brothers
while the devils getting kinged
getting late to the extreme
gots to get up as a team
you are getting marching orders
from the olmecha supreme
first you form up on the left
then you storm up on the right
then you shore up your defenses
and your senses and the light
then you set up in your stance
and you dance like you fight
whether moving as a soldier
or a ninja in the night!
Track Name: massive step
babylon can't come test us
trust! beats? we be so dangerous,
and it burns!
fire we a burn!

the absolute destruction
of babylon system
if um... they want to put us all up in a prison
give em
one chance to run and
beat them down to the ground with the drumming
party jumping
on the front line dumping
point blank politician face crumping
body slumping
you want something?
the sub still bumping
positioned for the burning
the beat so dangerous
the whole worlds turning!
Track Name: Jah Cannot Die
if you allow your doubts to win,
its the fall of Rastafari.
if there's no peace and love within,
it's the end of the creation
Track Name: Robot Head
you can imagine a 10 ton beast,
guns at the ready hungry for release,
with the boom of his bass
with one fell sweep
knock you out 1st round
not a chance to succeed in the world
1 2 3 are you ready now?
oh! megaman got no taste for defeat
crush you to size with his six six strings
better move out his way as he dance down the street
to the baddest of beats in the world!

fall down back up retreat!
if i see you walking down this here street
only thing you'll find is defeat
when it comes to ripping on this here beat
fall down back up retreat!
if i see you walking down this here street
all your gonna find is defeat
when it comes to ripping wicked rhymes on the beat!

just let it marinate!

oh sinner man, where you gonna run to
long time we have been a rasta,
we have been a dread
if them look up in the sky
see dreadlock falling down from imon head
we do it!
if them come and walk up the street,
fall down back up retreat!
this here sound come down on the beat
if them want to see how we do it,
check it!
your head is bobbing to what?
i aint said it
we got roots we goot fruits we got juice we got loot like
snake skin boots a 10 ton gat
pull back and six strings go brrrat!

just let it marinate!

this is a highlife
we hit them way down low...
we got roots we fruits we got
Track Name: Flying High
cmon baby... lets dance!
Track Name: Psychic General
cant be bothered listing the lyrics for this one guys! listen to the damn track!
Track Name: BCC
god never wanted me to be a fool
and neither did my mama,
the angels told me
to cast off the chains without the bcc
and i would be rich
it's just a racket to track your web packets
so those who can't hack it
get hacked by the hatchet
facebook will make it easy for the cia
to see who you are with all your friends on display
lord told me that i would always hold me
if i didn't make it easy for the paparazzi nazis
it's a digital gestapo
a faceless cyber crime task force
the white horse
the wild wild west days of the internet
are coming to a close
take a bow,
so what you gonna do now?
what you gonna do now?

don't pass on the chain if you nah put it inna BCC
dont pass on the chain if you nah put it inna BCC!