School of Evil Laughter

by olmecha supreme



The School Of Evil Laughter By Olmecha the Relic


released February 10, 2012

written performed recorded produced mastered (kinda) by A.Mahal for Beatworld Records (NZ).



all rights reserved


olmecha supreme Wellington

Lead by Captain Imon Starr, Olmecha Supreme is outstandingly versatile. This is music. Rooted in traditional rhythms of Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Dub and "world music", traveling to the frontiers of slamming soundscapes, and riding the vehicle of hip hop hard lyric and improvisation, Olmecha has coined the phrase Afro futuristic roots music to give the uninitiated an idea as to what to expect. LISTEN! ... more

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Track Name: 02 Time Beast
i said I'd let her go but
oh i didn't want to

they told me let her go but
oh i didn't want to

[verse 1]

she wakes up next to him
i know it's not me
another carbon copy
as if that would stop me

nobody told me that the future would be empty
as if it should be
only the science tempts me

she fires gamma lasers to erase my memory
irradiate the tragedy
and still she remembers me

a crazy fantasy
to see ghosts with clarity
bitter laughs of hilarity
beyond the singularity


[verse 2]
she runs now
trapped inside a time fortress
of memories and distance
angles on every instance

they headed back to attack the infestation
at it's point of origin
with particle acceleration

my infiltration almost went unnoticed
but she remembered me
a shimmer in the lotus

i pushed it 500 years past the limiter
to deliver the remedy
my motive was ulterior

[verse 3]
as she stepped in the center
of the center of the time ship
vines made of flesh
hold the core in a vice grip

she can see a trace of my face
in the rippling
unleash the heat on the beast
like kindling

flashes dismembering
ashes resembling
blast dissembling
and still i am escaping

they had no idea i was taking them
deeper into the past then they had ever been

shock and explosion
fractured the carapace
the rest retreat and head
straight for the surface
stuck with a purpose
to erase the rest of me
time travelers trapped
in the 21st century

right where theyre meant to be i watch her follow me
knowing that she'll always be my love eternally
i would she watch the whole world burn with me
then live without her majesty breathing right here next to me

i can see her silhouette against the ship burning
she can see the stars and feel the whole world turning
a bunch of refugees from a future that insane
and i am made of disembodied sentience
pure intelligence
strapped to the back of a nano mist
crawl into the distance
eat and repurpose

and will save the universe
though she don't know it yet
prove my love by saving the world!

[chorus 2]

they tried to make me let you go
(that's what i heard uh, lucky i don't unleash the murder!)
there are some things that you should know
(and i will tell you, cause baby you got the good value)

[verse 4]

you look good in a your jump suit
100 millimeter thick repeater in your wrist cute
with a type of temporal distortion dampening
an onboard computer that knows what's happening
shall we do the dapper thing
dance in a world where they're watching
im a cloud of water round you, daughter of another man
a manifestation of,
wait a minute,
come again

yes, i am a talking tentacle monster
but only for a moment while i rearrange my DNA
dump the radiation that you put up in me
turn my self back into the man that i used to be
re write history fix it for you and me to

wait a minute baby where you gonna go now
why you wanna walk away from our little show now?
if you only you knew how much i need you
enough to pull the galaxy apart and put it back together again!

[chorus 3]

she said she's gonna hunt him down,
what's he to do right now
except for carry on with the plan
to save the world!

to be continued!…..
Track Name: 03 More Illest
there comes a time,
when things are done,
that i shall rise,
and carry on,

all my life,
i've seen the one,
who gets me through
onto the dawn..
Track Name: 04 Fallingbirds
excuse me sir,
could you please tell me why
all the birds and the fishes and the bees have to die?
are you saying that the end is getting near
due to all the damages to our biosphere
and whats the reason for the seasons getting hotter
all the poison in the air
all the poison in the water?
they took the essence and turned laughter into slaughter
what am i supposed to tell the sons of sons and daughters?
is it intentional? the fault of 1 dimensional
thought or simple greed you know
more than you could need to grow?
or are they trying to reduce the population
by boiling the planet while they take a space vacation
why don't we look towards indigenous traditions
i don't think we can afford thsi foolish man's position
look at all this wonder does it really deserve
to degrade beyond retrieval cause you didn't have the nerve

and now there's birds!


and every living system's in decline
don't look at me like everything is freaking fine!
trees used to be familiar as street signs
no the more i look i find
that i cannot turn a blind eye
to entropy
5in the face of endless abundance if only
we'd use imagination and stop faking
excuses are useless
don't act like you can't do this
7 generations at stake and their ruthless
9 well, i'm the teeth of the toothless
the sword of the most high
jah samurai
stands for innnovation
vital education
and i will not stand for their intimidation
not while there's so much at stake man
no time for mistaking
nuclear water on the shore of japan
trying to give GMOS to the africans
wicked global industries sinister hand in the


1 excuse me sir,
it's not really that funny
2 didn't sitting bull say that you can't eat money
even more now its not even paper
4 just the ideas and attitudes of dudes chasing vapor
5 i tried to tell it to the bankers
but they were busy pimping out their oil tankers
while their bodies getting torn apart by cancers
so i look to the universe for answers
9 some say its karma
or call others alarmers
i wish that we were all organic farmers
but you need land
or at least a back yard
or at least a roof man its really it's not that hard!
all power comes from the sun in a way
the soil is living
the earth is forgiving
so much so,
but you probably should know
that she might not shed a tear if we all have to go
and cockaroaches will replace our failed species
after existing for millenia on garbage and feeces
so, really, us is up to us
dust is up to dust
ashes to ashes you trust
other wise theres birds
Track Name: 05 Overweight
now you've got it
the weight is over over OVER!
Track Name: 08 Jah Cannot Die
if you allow your doubts to win,
if there's no Peace and Love Within,
its the end of the nation.

but Jah Cannot DIE! JAH CANNOT DIE!
Track Name: 10 the Juggernaughts Approach
The armies of the downpressor have gathered, assured of their ability to win, but they have not realized the might of righteousness that approaches. A host of monsters as tall as the sky. The Juggernaughts Approach...
Track Name: 16 If I Told You
if i told you, i told you, i told you, i told you...
Track Name: 18 Psychic Warfare
get the @#$% outta my head!