02 carry on

from by olmecha supreme



If god isnt real, and numbers aren't real... begins the thought. The computer in front of you is made of manipulated numbers, used to outline the reflected reality in your mind.

It is the fragile attempts of a reality engine to describe the fractal reality it inhabits. A mind made of universe observes the universe in first person.

All of our energies to describe the darkness we walk through. Outline the shined light in our eyes. Our language, toungues fumbling, mouth full of stardust, howling into the void.

Form is void. Void is form. All is nothing. Nothing is everything.

We just have to rise and carry on.

Love is real. Life is love. God is love. The trinity is man woman and child.

1 + 1 = 3. Two notes played together produce a third harmony.

Put your loving arms around me.

For when the sun comes, we have got to rise and carry on!


What does it matter
if all we are is matter,
and only for a limited time?

they check the data
and only cause the data
is only data inside their minds.

it's only just made up
by the loneliness
corrupt by the lonliest
ccorrupted instruction
of a function
of math and a magician
of asking intuition
if its just superstition
or its superposition

of a mind made of universe
sees the universe
and assumes that he's not the 1st person to do so.

to change his behaviour
who slays all his neighbors
on video players?

it's just a layer of the reason of my mutiny
the Amistad has assumed my identity
I pray to god that there is a divinity
build my own boad and sail off to infinity!

Only just caught up to the loneliest of us
at the backside of the bus
and started a discussion
wonder why I'm cussing?
I'm talking to you cause
I have always felt a connection
to every single person alive!

We just got to rise and carry on.


Now that the rain is falling
on the shores the ship is calling.
and once the wind is blowing
telling me you've got to carry on

God is not real
numbers aren't real
and yet numbers are real
the most high is real!

the most high I've felt
is how you made me feel
it might not mean much
but to me its a big deal
I'll be your sword
and you can be my shield
an impenetrable force
behind our force field

inside of you a new life is concealed
a reincarnation of life is revealed
a dream a trinity of a team has prevailed
to carry on the message
so the others never failed

it's only just caught up
to the loneliest of us
and it seems its not corrupt
and it tells us we should trust
in each other to adjust
for the weather
for the dust of forever
swallows us and we never
even know we're alive


put your loving arms around me
for when the sun comes,
we shall all rise up and carry on

for when their eyes are on me
I can feel the sunlight rising
and if they know that
tell them they must rise and carry on!

you should know that
things won't stay the same I tell you
each and every one of you
must rise again and carry on

for when the winds upon me
and I feel the sunlight shining
I take my steps and
know that I shall rise and carry on!


from Ukulele Blues, released October 13, 2016



all rights reserved


olmecha supreme Wellington

Lead by Captain Imon Starr, Olmecha Supreme is outstandingly versatile. This is music. Rooted in traditional rhythms of Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Dub and "world music", traveling to the frontiers of slamming soundscapes, and riding the vehicle of hip hop hard lyric and improvisation, Olmecha has coined the phrase Afro futuristic roots music to give the uninitiated an idea as to what to expect. LISTEN! ... more

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