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Heavy weight complaints. Are we there yet? The children sing.


If we're bound for the same destination as them,
then we probably should have stayed there with them
instead of circling around for eternity man
cause that's the reason why we're stuck in prison

I keep trying to learn from the situation but
there's always a brand new threat!
My nerves fried, my sister died
hate multiplied
and I wonder are you done with us yet?

I turn the page and love is still there though
and I aint trying to be stuck in despair so
for the sake of all of my people
nose to grind stone
everybody got to know that

and if it doesn't turn out how you think bro
learn from and apply it to the next go
six minutes Imon Starr, it's the next show
weapon in the top drawer
aboard the helicopter but...

we can't go on like this...


we can't go on like this
burning up the oil till the planet gets so hot that we die
we can't go on like this
polluting all the water with industrial waste and cow pies
we can't go on like this
shooting at eachother cause the chickens will come to roost
we can't go on like this
acting like there is no problem just because the problem benefits you
we can't go on like this
trying to carry everything upon our back and acting alone
we can't go on like this
the walls might keep them out but you'll be stuck there inside your home
we can't go on like this
hating on each other because it feels so good to be right
we can't go on like this
instead of sharing with eachother because we all need a piece of that light!!

we can't go on like this x4


from Ukulele Blues, released October 13, 2016



all rights reserved


olmecha supreme Wellington

Lead by Captain Imon Starr, Olmecha Supreme is outstandingly versatile. This is music. Rooted in traditional rhythms of Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Dub and "world music", traveling to the frontiers of slamming soundscapes, and riding the vehicle of hip hop hard lyric and improvisation, Olmecha has coined the phrase Afro futuristic roots music to give the uninitiated an idea as to what to expect. LISTEN! ... more

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