Captains log

by olmecha supreme

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this is the first part of a four part project called the school of evil laughter!


released May 20, 2010

entire contents © 2010 beatworld records



all rights reserved


olmecha supreme Wellington

Lead by Captain Imon Starr, Olmecha Supreme is outstandingly versatile. This is music. Rooted in traditional rhythms of Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Dub and "world music", traveling to the frontiers of slamming soundscapes, and riding the vehicle of hip hop hard lyric and improvisation, Olmecha has coined the phrase Afro futuristic roots music to give the uninitiated an idea as to what to expect. LISTEN! ... more

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Track Name: Jah Samurai
not your average samurai...

mushrooms grow in the snow,
i hide my eyes cause i don't want you to know,
what my minds been through,
if you knew you would throw up,
the secrets better than the truth.
you want proof,
check the intrigue,
images move you to believe
full moon's shining
feel inspiration
the cold of the soul is still a sensation,
meaning i know i'm still alive
explosive thoughts ricochet on the inside
one of the days when i'm back with my tribe
and the sun shines warm light back upon my vibe...
i want something that can resist the elements,
one piece keep me safe,
just like i'm celibate,
a heat shield force field for the environment
intelligent nano updates before retirement
bullet proof mesh on a death proof frame
yank the hood over my face
and stomp through the rap game
cause i aint your average samurai!
so don't confuse me with some other guy!

the planets purple red sun beating down
the yellow skies surround my form
move through the sand storm
behind me two enormous yojimbo
mecha robo from the dojo of the sound planet
resurrected ancients
futuristic relic
my sonic samurai clan
represent the african galactic emperor
selassie the 5th
prime minister
of the united afro galactic shipping company
we terraformed new abysnia for the exodus
world ships moving through cosmic flux
in dangerous times
mines the path of exploring new lines
to tie us back to black,
turntable rewind and im...


most emcees scatter when the skies start to rain,
but i'm that battered rhyme veteran who will maintain,
the final warning came
when you got cut through the throat
end up curry in a hurry like goat
we are the father of creation roots of all nation
key to future unification
generation to generation
patient meditation
source of endless innovation
it's always been an invocation


Track Name: High Definition
everything in life is high definition,
the cinema's mission,
to replace your senses,
i can see the hairs on the back of my neck,
but can you see within when you introspect?
i spark the chalice
get high definition
all that i see is a reflection of my senses,
when the chalice drops
my vision remains,
high definition lingers on in my brain...

i get high off technology,
plastic pharmacology,
electronic digital cybernetic hectic
remove my limbs
with out antiseptic
without anesthetic
take them off
software directly linked
into my robotic hardware
partition my brainstem
hitting my hidden hard drive
clone me,
my e-shadow ready for the battle
ripples on the surface
echoes of monkey chatter
infinite voices calling out in the dark
stretched out addressed by my subroutine screen
processor power becomes the drums echo
multidimensional arrays say
"lets go"

you can only hope the scope of your vision
doesn't leave you trapped in the prison of the prism
cause when everything is high definition
can you really tell me what's real?

when everything in life is high definition
the cinema's mission to replace your senses
i can see the hair's on the back of my neck
but can you see within when you introspect?
i spark the chalice
get high definition
all that i see is a reflection of my senses
when the chalice drops
my vision remains,
high definition lingers on in my brain...
Track Name: black and gold
guinea, ghana, guyana, guinea, ghana, guyana
guinea-guinea, ghana guyana,
guinea, ghana, give me gold!
Track Name: black sand
black sand, black sand, i'll lay you down, by the ocean underneath the moon light!
Track Name: megaman
Track Name: bebestyle live
bebe, with your style your running things
there's no turning back.

from the tops of the mountain
down to the seas
in the so called land of the free
who's free
when cash rules everything around me
and baby i'm so glad you found me
babylon surround we
we adjust
why them come busted so dangerous
and we tremble
what happened to the love we assemble?
baby baby baby
with your style
you keep on running things
i said,
this is the land of the old old kings
praises unto jah jah we sing
until the end of time
and forever keep on running things...
Track Name: appocalypso no.1
once there was a mulberry bush and a weasel
sit upon a throne of evil
a throne of death in a wicked empire
the weasel told the bush to steal from the people
freedom on a throne of evil
black blood! in the wicked empire...

said lock up the monkey chain pon the ape
suck life from the ground underneath their feet
spread fear and death in the wicked empire

said the weasel to the bush
you sit on the throne
put bars on the windows
shut up in the homes
spread fear and death in the wicked empire

blame it on a man with a different face
a different name for god who live in a place
where there's more black blood
for the wicked empire

fire bomb from the sea
drop bomb from the sky
kill a man
kill a woman
kill a dog
kill a child
in the name of god for the wicked empire

but a monkey broke free and him chase up the weasel
set fire to the bush and the bush was burning
set fire to the throne in the wicked empire

him unlock the chains and free all the people
tell them the truth and pop goes the weasel
pop goes the weasel in the wicked empire!
Track Name: appocalypso no.3
talking bout this feeling i'm getting yo,
are these the last days, i hope its not so
told my son his grandchildren i'd like to know
hope this ain't the last appocalypso...

pinochio dance for uncle sammy gepetto
who sold crack to kids just to crack up the ghetto
then rolls back to his post way up in the meadow
they flooded the streets cause their hearts are so shallow
afraid that we'll follow any lead to rise up
black like a shadow
shot by the cops with the steel tip arrows
chance is its narrow
to pass 21
24 and my marrow
says fuck you gipetto
with your puppet man clan
smoking blunts talking shit like the donkey that i am
right out of your sight
cause my pops had a plan
to get his kids out this here wicked land
the lands not wicked man
but everyplace they stand
is touched by deaths hand
living in tombstones
you feel it in your bones
aching for africa
ashamed when they laugh at you
they dig up the jewels
whether we lip em or we drip em
how do you break a modern day slave?
whip em, equipe em with a weapon
don't step in when they killin
you chillin
taking dreams drenched in blood
to entertain the children
feed your children
still got to march up in the millions
scared to be in one place
cause they bomb civilians
surgically extracting the unwanted element
which is my tenement
so irreverent
on removing the scent of wicked stench of guilt
built a bomb shelter filled
with supplies to protect you from your own lies
rather kill us all before they apologize
we our demise is they demise
lets see this country stand up when african thighs
no longer bear the weight
but wait, there's more
saw your bullshit
i'm looking at the front door...

it's been a while africa
hope i was missed though
the only song i'm singing now's

behold a pale horse
lines and injections
cheating to find happiness
searching in each direction
pairs split
kids suffer from this bullshit
pressing the eject button
a bullet amounts to nothing
but an empty head
those born in misery
deliver me they cry
from this surburban hell
oh well
add it to this long list
of creatures to fear
you cringe at their sight
when ever they try to come near
well here the hollow stare
for the face disappear
there used to be somebody that you love up in there...
stille there waiting for you to care
and stop killing this planet
or fussing over your hair
your not perfect
perhaps time to share
tell the youth the truth if you dare
before its too late
you're blaming satan for taking them to the gate
when you should have been a friend
fuck your opinion
remember when you were too busy
to see
pushed hard or pushed aside
how many died
to satisfy daddy's pride
not satisfied
i'm trying to provide an open forum
kid's don't ignore em,
they're part of your flesh
let's take a rest...
i'm trying to say...
you see the comets coming
or the meteor that's meatier than mediocre melees over
who gets to be superior
atomic dawn
another bomb
killer fleas
it's finding that
inner jesus energy
that frees us and
might save us
from the last galactic super bowl
where yin and yang dance
the final appocalypso

(i wasn't going to write them all down, but i did. i also flub a couple of lines in the vocal, but the feeling was authentic, and i chose the authentic feeling over the details in the lyrics on the delivery. it's not always the best decision, but it works for this version. might be re recorded, cause its still a valid tune!)
Track Name: word of god
i can't stop some old crazy lady keep knocking on my door gonna bring me the word of god....
Track Name: flying hawaiian five
i remember the sun beating down on the township
the capital of saint kitts
i see the three four five
the hawaiian residents
gathered with this intense intent
the heat of the heart of the summer
its a throw down
sound clashing in an all sound showdown
brown skin for miles fade to black
with the heat of the mechanoid
towering in the back
this is the beat that creates the future scene
a scene seen through my eyes in a hawaiian dream
my dream team rock
rewind the clock
and rock the block
with the new school roots rock

at the west indian veritable
mechanoid conference
fighting to save the day!


(you know what, its a bit embarrassing but i meant to say variable so i guess this song is about the official mechanoids as opposed to the variable mechanoids)

we be those who gather to see flows that close gaps
and hear dope raps
that snap like a light strike
in an iron mike the latest
version of ali in africa the greatest
hit with music that whip like a sadist
say we whip them jah
but them feel no pain so i can say this
robots transform at will with the faders
black steel shining
the skin of dread vader
with a sub woofer bite like a mad alligator
its a salt water crocodile in the nile style
this one goes out to me and my bros
world wide i slide futurefied in my prose singing
here they are the flying hawaiian five....
Track Name: Disguise
wear a disguise! the color of the rainbow!